Nico Vermeir

Technical Architect .NET at Inetum - Realdolmen

From Hell to Heaven: Porting Doom to MAUI
Trekanten, Wednesday 11:10 - 12:00

Ever wondered how far we can push MAUI? How about making a C# version of the all-time classic game Doom into a cross-plaform version?

It all started with: "hey I'm porting Doom to C#, want to have a go at getting it to run on MAUI?". Couple of weeks later there was something resembling Doom running on my phone, few months later and we have a fully playable game.

During this adventure I have hit a couple of limits of Microsoft's new cross-platform framework. In this session I'll explain the limits we've run into, the workarounds, and how much code we can actually share between the WPF version and the MAUI version of Doom.

This session has demons, in more than one way.

Nico Vermeir

Nico Vermeir is an application architect at Inetum-Realdolmen in Belgium since 2010, where he has a strong focus on building and architecting modern applications. Being a strong believer in the importance of communities he tries to share knowledge wherever he can, be it on Twitter, at a user group or conference. He has spoken on many international conferences such as NDC Sydney, NDC London, Swetugg, Build Stuff, DotNext. Nico is a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, crew member of Techorama BE and NL and crew member of VISUG, Belgium's largest .NET user group.

In his spare time he enjoys brewing (and tasting) beer, playing the guitar, riding his Harley-Davidson and doing Karate.