Mike Martin

Dad, Husband, Geek, NumberGirl, msft technical evangelist, #Azure Lover and ex MVP, wall crawler, #Batman fan, Caring Community Member

1,2,3 … testing : is this thing on(line)? Meet your new Microsoft Testing tools.
Telerummet, Wednesday 11:50 - 12:40

Is your environment acting the way you intended it to be, as in do your users see what you wanted them to see? Is your app breaking under stress or even worse going down when components are acting up (or down in this case)? In the past people were using Azude Devops Load Testing and related. But we all know some of these services have been deprecated. In this session you will be guided though all the options you have today lining out all the testing capabilities you have in the Microsoft Coding Universe. Let’s take a stroll through the various options for load, chaos and automated testing in all things Microsoft devops and Azure. In doing so you will get to learn which services to use to improve reliability, performance usability and resilience of the applications you are building. Note: testing includes Chaos Studio, Playwright, Azure Load Testing and more

Mike Martin

As a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Mike is an Azure goto for ISV’s (independent software vendors). He’s been active in the IT industry for more than 20 years and has performed almost all types of job profiles, going from coaching and leading a team to architecting and systems design and training. Today he’s primarily into the Microsoft Cloud Platform and Application Lifecycle Management. He’s not a stranger to both dev and IT Pro topics, they even call him the perfect hybrid solution.

In January 2012 he became a crew member of AZUG, the Belgian Microsoft Azure User Group. As an active member he’s both involved in giving presentations and organizing events (like ITProceed, Techorama and Global Azure Bootcamp aka GAB). Mike was also a Microsoft Azure MVP (awarded 5 times since 2013, received his Fifth in July 2017! ) and Microsoft Azure Advisor.

Helping out in the community and introducing new & young people into the world of Microsoft and technology is also one of his passions.