Anjuli Jhakry

Software Developer @ 4DotNet

The Blazor Multiverse: get to know the different Blazor frameworks
Katrinebergssalen, Wednesday 10:10 - 11:00

Many things are called Blazor today, so let's explore the different options and find out what they are exactly!

Hold on to your infinity stones, because in the time we have for this session we will explore: Blazor WebAssembly, Server, Hybrid and United and Blazor Mobile Bindings! Did we forget any?

After this session you will have a good understanding of each of the Blazor variants and when to use them.

Anjuli Jhakry

Meet Anjuli Jhakry: A .NET developer at 4DotNet by day and a .NET MAUI explorer by night. I'm navigating the vast ecosystem of Microsoft, always eager to learn. Beyond this, I am passionate about giving presentations and advocating for the incredible potential of tech to everyone.