Isaac Levin

Developer Advocate

How can AI help us be a better .NET developer?

Wondering how AI can benefit you as a .NET developer? Join us for a session that demystifies AI, showcasing practical applications and real-world examples that can enhance your coding experience.

Discover how AI boosts productivity, simplifies coding tasks, and transforms the development process. We'll address key questions:

  • Can AI effectively automate code generation in .NET?
  • How does AI assist in debugging .NET applications?
  • What role does AI play in team collaboration for .NET development?
  • Can AI personalize your .NET development environment?

Gain a clear understanding of AI's potential in the .NET world, leaving with actionable insights to make AI your ally in mastering code and improving developer productivity. Join us for a concise journey into the future of .NET development, where AI is more than a buzzword—it's a powerful tool at your fingertips!

Isaac Levin

Isaac Levin is a Developer Advocate as well as a Microsoft MVP. He has over 10 years of experience working as a developer for the web, mostly in the Microsoft Ecosystem. Outside of work, he hosts a podcast called Coffee and Open Source where he interviews folks from across the tech industry as well as builds open-source projects like PresenceLight and GitHub Stat Tracker. He lives outside of Seattle Washington and likes to wind down from work with his wife Ariana and his 2 children Isaac and Avery.