Eric Johansson

Solo consultant and Telerik Champion - CeriQ AB

From Chaos to Order - Using the Repository Pattern the Right Way

If you've ever struggled with your data access being a mess, hard to follow, and even harder to test, perhaps using the tried and true Repository pattern might be the right choice for you!

In this beginner-friendly session, we will break down the principles behind the repository pattern and how combining it with other patterns like Unit Of Work will make sure that you keep our data consistent, robust and testable.

In the end, we will dive into some code examples and have a working, basic implementation of a repository with the necessary plumbing for your next application.

Eric Johansson

Back in 2003, I discovered .NET. Coming from a background of mostly using C++ for client- and PERL/ASP Classic for web-development, discovering and developing with .NET was like the clouds opening up and a ray of sunshine washing over me. Since then, I've been working with .NET in various forms, from ASP.NET WebForms to ASP.NET MVC to ASP.NET 5+, from Windows Forms to WPF to UWP, from WCF to WebAPI to gRPC, from SQL Server to MongoDB to CosmosDB. While I've dabbled with other languages and platforms since, .NET has been my home, and pulling me back in as my platform of choice. Today, my day job is running a consulting firm specializing in .NET development and Azure architecture. At other times, I run an open, inclusive and educational twitch stream helping people experience and learn .NET.