Nikos Delis

Senior Cloud Engineer & Cloud Evangelist @ Helo, Sweden

How to monitor and manage a farm of robots using Azure IoT & Digital Twins
Tesla, Thursday 15:40 - 16:30

Robotic arms can unload a whole container full of heavy boxes in minutes, while a group of humans would need hours. However, to maximize performance, avoid disastrous mistakes, and ensure an optimum workflow, robotic workers need to be monitored and managed. Azure IoT platform and Digital Twins, can be used to transform industrial production lines, by ensuring eligibility and visualizing complicated workflows. Let’s see, how using Azure Digital Twins, we manage to guarantee full control and surveillance of these magnificent beasts.

Nikos Delis

Microsoft Certified x6, Senior Cloud Architect and tech enthusiast. Passionate about software architecture and solution design.

During my ~10 years of hands-on experience in Software Engineering, I have primarily focused on .NET-based solutions and Azure as a cloud-services provider. I have worked with pretty much all kinds of applications, from small Windows Forms tools to large-scale enterprise web-based solutions. The more I code, the more I realize that my true passion is solution design and software architecture, regardless of tech-stack and platform.

Sharing knowledge and insights is the finest thing I know and the one thing I love the most in the IT community.