Mattias Karlsson

Partner & Technical fellow at WCOM AB. Microsoft Developer Technologies MVP. Father of 2, husband of 1.

DevOpsDocs: Transforming Tediousness into Joy
Tesla, Thursday 10:10 - 11:00

Discover how to transform the tedious, boring, and error-prone task of documenting your cloud resources and services into a joyful experience.

This talk introduces a process of automating documentation using vendors' REST APIs and custom-tailored .NET tools within your DevOps pipeline. Learn how to reduce time and effort while ensuring accuracy, by unlocking the potential of automation.

Mattias Karlsson

Mattias has been working professionally as a developer for over 20 years.

His interest in coding started already in the 80s with the Commodore 128 and but his true passion came with the Amiga.

Today he's a partner and senior architect at WCOM, a Microsoft partner located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

He’s also a Microsoft Developer Technologies MVP.

Outside work, he is a father of two, husband of one, and contributes actively to the .NET open-source community. Most know there for being one of the lead maintainers behind the .NET foundation project Cake.