Johan Normén

Transforming Business with Technology

No Code / Low Code / Less Code
Pascal, Friday 15:40 - 16:30

Gartner forecasts that by 2025, over 75% of all businesses will implement some form of No Code or Low Code system. This projection corresponds to the rising trend of businesses wanting to seize control and respond more agilely, without relying heavily on developers.

This session will provide a concise overview of No Code / Low Code concepts, and demonstrate practical tips on how you can adapt this approach within high-performing teams. When No Code / Low Code is not the option, we focus on how to achieve less code and higher productivity. We will particularly explore the creation of 'Less Code' as a subset of the Low Code concept within the .Net ecosystem

Johan Normén

Johan Normén is the owner of unSquared AB, where he focuses on architecture, development, DevOps, and improving organizations within the sphere of Microsoft technology. His passion is transforming businesses through technology. Johan has been recognized as one of the top ten influential developers in Sweden by the Swedish version of Computer Sweden. He is also a co-founder of SweNug (Sweden .Net User Group). Efficiency is Johan's ethos, and he applies it to all aspects of his work including development, team leadership, and innovation.