Jakob Ehn

Azure MVP - Doing cloudy DevOps things at Active Solution

Build AI-boosted applications with Azure OpenAI Service
Hallen, Thursday 16:45 - 17:35

OpenAI and their language models GPT-3/4 has taken the world with storm. ChatGPT made the technology accessible and usable by anyone.

Developers can build applications on top of these large language models, in many cases we can quickly implement functionality that used to be very time consuming and expensive. Performing tasks such as text classification, summarization, sentiment analysis or generating new content is now available at your fingertips.

Join me for this session where you will get up to speed on how to build applications that uses the power of theses GPT models, with the Azure OpenAI Service. We'll discuss various options for how you can use Azure OpenAI Service with your own data.

Jakob Ehn

Jakob Ehn works as a Cloud architecture and DevOps specialist at Active Solution. For more than 20 years, has has been building software solutions, educating developers and teams on Microsoft technologies through training, books, and conference talks.

Jakob is a Microsoft Azure MVP (former ALM/DevOps MVP). He is a regular speaker at various conferences and user groups around the world, such as NDC, Techorama, DevSum, CloudBrew, UpdateConf and SweTugg.