Hanna Engel

Microsoft Technical Trainer - Azure

Quantum computing - the next great thing
Tesla, Thursday 16:45 - 17:35

The one who rules the quantum computer rules the world. Forget the AI, zoom in and explore the meanders of the quantum world. I hope you have all read by now that top tech companies are working on a #quantumcomputer . And it is going well. Why should you care? IF or rather WHEN we break the quantum barrier and make the computers error-prone, it will impact the world as we know now. Why? Security. Whenever you talk to a security specialist they will tell you that no IT security solution can guarantee 100% protection. It can "decrease the surface of the attack" or "decrease the ROI of the attacker" - what does it mean? Simply put, there's an assumption that if it would take a hacker 34 years to break encrypted data - the data is protected. After all "ain't nobody got time for that", right? Which does not mean the encryption is unbreakable. An encrypted string is nothing more that a long string of random letters, numbers and signs. The computer that would want to break such a string would have to work through all possible combinations of all the possible signs. Which you can imagine takes time and effort. For an "average" computer. But not a quantum one. Calculations that would take a regular computer 34 years can take quantum computer hours or minutes.

Agenda: Intro Forget the AI! Scientific background – what is quantum computing? Quantum computing on Azure

Hanna Engel

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