Andreas Wänqvist

Tech Lead, Voyado | Aurelia Core Team

Aurelia2 - Hyper-productivity for the web
Tesla, Friday 14:25 - 15:15

Tired of fidgeting around with complex build systems. Tired of web frameworks forcing you to learn new proprietary syntax and complex make-up solutions to simple problems? Then this session is for you! Join me and learn about how to become hyper-productive writing web apps with Aurelia 2.

We'll have a look at the new super simple routing, the standards-based syntax. I'll show how easy it is to extend your app with pages and components when the framework keeps out of the way. And we'll have a look at the powerful reactive binding system that will make you rethink all your complex state-handling solutions.

Andreas Wänqvist

Andreas has been working in different positions within enterprise during the last two decades. A few years ago his focus was on all things mobile, then it shifted towards building web systems. Nowadays the focus is on cloud solutions and planet-scale architecture, as well as helping web developers be more productive.

Andreas is a Tech Lead at Voyado. On his spare time he spends time with his family, lifts heavy things in the gym and is involved in OSS as an Aurelia Core Team member.